If anyone has any experience with incidents like this, please let me know. Donald Prichard with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office... Well my PS5 was stolen en route to GameStop. Called Amazon up and said they're sending a replacement but notifying fedex. So is it possible I can get my package still? Just take it to the nearest The UPS Store. Inside stations, the package handlers can work from 0300 - 0900 and from 1700 - 2330. UPS fired a deliveryman caught on video stealing a homeowner’s FedEx package. Raw64life. Woman arrested, accused of following FedEx truck to steal packages being dropped off in Cypress Meth was found in the woman's car according to investigators Author: 12newsnow.com Locate a FedEx drop-off near you—select "Drop labeled package at staffed location". This is someone that people believe that they’ve put their trust in to send their packages,” said Sgt. On Saturday, just after noon in … Two FedEx employees are accused of having stolen nearly $50,000 worth of shipped tech devices. I did not. Not really cheaper to send another TV in the sense that dealing with it is cheaper, but because say .5% of packages get stolen, it costs an extra dollar to insure packages, and the average package is 50 dollars, and they ship 100m packages a year (all made up figures). I had a similar issue a while back. No way FedEx is stealing. Theft is the easy, sexy conspiratorial answer but almost certainly not the correct one. I'm not sure how Walmart operates when it comes to this, but some companies will send you a replacement because they can file a claim with the carrier and get their money back that way. Is there any chance of me getting sent a replacement or am I screwed, Edit: I am in the US, Wisconsin waukesha County. And he brought one out to my dad, and had my dad sign the signature pad. Why the tracking information showed fedex delivered two packages with signature, but fedex guy only gave one package? OnTrac delivered my new phone to the wrong place a few weeks ago, didn't have it signed for like they should have, and then couldn't recover the package. Former FedEx Manager Pleads Guilty in Package Theft Scheme A former FedEx manager in Delaware is facing up to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to stealing … Since your package said it was delivered then I would call FedEx, if that gets you no where then file the claim. Sending things through any other service other than the USPS means you have no legal recourse. You then wait until they send you another. Usually contacting the company and that you never received the package is enough. Never with standard FedEx (ground or express). FedEx - Suspected Driver Stole My Package. There seems to be a large amount of Target packages missing, and buyers claim that Target put the packaging slip on the outside of the box, making it easier to be stolen. I am pretty sure the guy scanned both packages in the truck. Kukta admitted that from 2009 through June 2019, he stole packages being shipped via FedEx and resold the items to a person currently living in Colorado at roughly half their retail price. I am a bot whose sole purpose is to improve the timeliness and accuracy of responses in this subreddit. Heads up to anyone who lives in the BX, NY the facility on Zerega is stealing packages. Each and every time, a few days later the package is marked as "found" by the FedEx driver and "redelivered to proper address". A FedEx driver in Virginia is accused of stealing a package containing an iPhone meant as a Christmas present for a 12-year-old girl. There is definitely stealing going on but I don’t know how widespread it is. I need help. Again, she may have just not noticed. Postal Service were indicted on federal charges after prosecutors say … Unsure what to do, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the legaladvice community. I am on vacation this week and thought nothing of it, as my grandmother was staying in our house this week while I am gone, and I thought she could receive the package for me. It's been sitting there for almost for 8 days. I don't get why the US doesn't use the same system we have in Ireland. It'll probably show up and people are likely just being impatient -- that said, I wouldn't be surprised if a handful of trucks had idiots following them. Jul 18, 2018 . There's constantly reports from r/googlepixel that fedex stole their phones and they need to report to Google in order to have their phones, but I still don't believe that the amount of stealing stuff it's high, it will be unbelievable. “It’s very shocking. Wal-Mart is the shipper, and they hired and paid FedEx, so they should be the ones filing the claim. 188 views . Possible stolen package, delivered by FedEx. In a Reddit post written by dsmny, they have told a story on how they almost missed out on the Xbox Series X because they suspected that a FedEx employee was trying to steal … FedEx workers caught looting packages at Texas hub had 94 phones, Apple Watch, cops say Two Hutchins FedEx Ground employees are accused of stealing nearly $50,000 worth of … Ground has been a mess for a while now, this console thing is putting a spotlight on that mess. What the hell is wrong with these guys! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. As America returns to work in the new year, Slack addresses outages. Woman Arrested After Stealing FedEx Packages December 15, 2020 (BEDFORD) – A Bedford woman was arrested Monday on a warrant charging her with theft, battery, and drug charges. I feel it could have been left by the trash on Wednesday and picked up with it by mistake, or simply stolen. We apologize, but this video has failed to load. Where is my package? FedEx 5834. Review #1306738 . State Police found out the suspect was a convicted felon from Puerto Rico and wanted by Hartford Police for domestic violence Sorry this happened, but it's not an unusual thing, people steal delivered packages all the time. Oct 25, 2017 2,979. This only happens with FedEx Home Delivery out of Grayslake Illinois. Require delivery confirmation on the package, it keeps the guys from just dumping it. The UPS Store Certified Packing Experts® will package your item and ship it for you. It sucks because the recipient gets screwed, FedEx gets screwed, and the shipper gets screwed while the criminal gets away with stealing. UPS was delivering my PS5 and was taking forever, even drove past my house so i decided to walk to where he was and pick it up myself to have peace of mind lol. Enter your FedEx tracking number, track by reference, obtain proof of delivery, or TCN. In the delivery details it said the package was left by the garage door, and no signature was required. I feel like this is just assigning malice where there probably is none. So I checked around the house, checked the neighbor and no package. However, Wednesdays are garbage pickups in my neighborhood. A Texas man's surveillance camera catches someone allegedly taking a sweater for the man's son from the man's doorstep. Also, they're the ones who can replace your order. Video Shows FedEx Employee Tossing Xbox Series X on Porch A video circulating Reddit shows a FedEx employee literally tossing a package containing an Xbox Series X, … my copy of CoD shipped last tuesday and was going to get to me last thursday. I have had five Amazon packages stolen this year, each time I call Amazon and they send out a replacement. Start a new thread to share your experiences with like-minded people. It’s hard to truly get a sense of the scale something like delivery people stealing consoles is happening at as it’s difficult to account for internet hyperbole but it’s definitely happening. FedEx will take 24-48 hours to contact the driver, see if he remembers anything regarding that specific delivery, etc. If “are gamers overreacting” is an option, it’s nearly always most likely that. However Fedex/UPS/DHL are considered private couriers and have no legal authority to do anything to the person who is stealing your package. Inside hubs, package handlers have choices commonly around: Day Sort 1200 - 1800, Twi Sort 1830 - 2315, Overnight Sort 2330 - 0330, and Sunrise Sort 0400 - 0900 (these shift times will change per location depending on freight volume). Woman caught following FedEx truck, stealing packages in Cypress, Precinct 4 says. Here's what I'd do if I were you - contact Walmart and let them know you never received your package, you think it was possibly stolen since the tracking information shows it as delivered. This forum is the epitome of overreaction. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Eleven former FedEx Express employees and two former contractors for the U.S. Each time it happens, I call Amazon and have them call FedEx. Thanks to quick response by Precinct 4 deputies, the suspect was arrested and the packages … FedEx employee is accused of stealing packages Connecticut State Police responded to a theft call at 350 Ruby Rd. If USPS was delivering the package, you can contact the Postmaster/Post Inspector for your branch of the USPS. I would suggest calling Walmart and lodging a complaint. Unless you are a dumb criminal and keep reporting stolen packages without doing something about it. Eh. Delegate proposes $5,000 fine, five … In the future, check out our Delivery Manager, which allows you to route packages for Hold-at-location (you have to show ID to pick it up from the FedEx location holding the package) or put a vacation hold on it so we won't deliver until you're back, or you can even set up an appointment delivery so we send a driver to deliver when you're home (this costs extra money though). This sort of stuff absolutely happens and it frequently happens during the holidays. The only thing I can think of is that the driver is marking these as delivered even though he never made it out to our house that day. I know I can call FedEx and Walmart, but I'm unsure of what I can do. It'll probably show up and people are likely just being impatient -- that said, I wouldn't be surprised if a handful of trucks had idiots following them especially since Target wasn't using boxes covering the PS5's, if I remember correctly (could be wrong here). ... on YouTube and circulating around Reddit, the Grinch in a brown … FedEx Delivery Manager. Packages never get left outside a house, that's just asking for theft. Alternately, you can usually have it delivered to a store near you(Fedex Store/UPS Store/etc) and they will receive and hold it for you. news Crime. Please update the original post to include this information. Packages containing more than 90 cellphones and an Apple Watch were taken from a FedEx … Press J to jump to the feed. Next review FedEx - Package not delivered for weather delay; Transportation and Logistics . Experienced something similar with an order, called the company directly and my order was reshipped. We want to create an inspiring environment for our members and have defined a set of guidelines. — A FedEx worker at the Memphis airport facility is accused of trying to leave work with $12,000 worth of gold bullion bars taken from a package. PS Direct uses FedEx exclusively, and many of those consoles have also gone missing. Best Buy is using UPS, and their deliveries are all messed up too. This is a federal crime, and they can set up a sting to catch whoever is stealing your packages if they have resources to investigate. Increased infrastructure stress in the middle of a global pandemic, probably more likely explanations than straight up theft. Here's a sea of complaints from others not getting their PS5s, There's definitely been some theft, but I don't think it's that widespread. Prosecutors said Kukta then transported the stolen items, using his vehicles and trailers, to the Colorado resident's father, living in Maryland. A recent FedEx survey found that one in three online shoppers have already experienced package theft in 2020, up from one in four in 2019. Stolen delivered packages are gaining popularity now. -package was taken by mistake by trash pickup, -package was never delivered (which my grandma claims as she says there was never a truck, but I find it hard to believe as the details on the shipping site say where it was left etc.). or maybe just not scanned and sitting there, I worked at a Fedex warehouse once, they defineltly stealing shit lol. so things may get lost at those distribution center. It's absolute bullshit, we're in the middle of a pandemic and doing even the most basic shit is hard. Sorry this happened, but it's not an unusual thing, people steal delivered packages all the time. My grandma claims she saw no truck and package. It said it would be delivered the following Wednesday (June 15). Then when he can actually make it to our house, the package is found and delivered. Seems like fedex is just overwhelmed or something. She is old, and I believe she may have simply not noticed. I feel like anything I do will be less valid since I'll be calling long after the incident occurred. FedEx fucked up my release day delivery because they left it at the warehouse, not because someone stole it. The shipping labels for these packages were always very clear on the package and had my correct address. Hi, FedEx employee here. When don't gamers overreact? The first time it happened I had a freak out. I don’t think the drivers are stealing anything. Another account has emerged of a FedEx driver supposedly stealing coveted Adidas sneakers during a delivery. He needs to contact Walmart.com and get that process moving. It is always possible that it was a mistake and the package is still sitting on the truck. A woman was caught on camera stealing a package from a porch in Campbell just minutes after it was delivered over the weekend. Probably fuckups at the retailers / delivery service due to high workloads. A pandemic and the start of the holiday shopping season are affecting shipping. It's then sitting for me on my front step. PS Direct uses FedEx exclusively, and many of those consoles have also gone missing. With Pack and Ship, there’s no need to package the item. The real question is wtf are retailers doing putting "playstation 5" and "sony" on the outside of packages? I called my grandmother yesterday to ask about the package, she says nothing was delivered. Source: I'm the shipping manager for a small business. According to the arrest report, a FedEx security official contacted sheriff’s detectives Nov. 26 when Bomier was suspected of tampering with packages that he picked up from a Verizon store … Of course they're stealing, especially now that difficulty getting one/social media clout is starting to drive demand even further. Fedex usually does this shit to meet deadlines. When I return I will be calling FedEx first. Now I just shrug my shoulders and complain to Amazon (each time getting another month of Amazon Prime). UPS normally marks my packages as "delivered to doorstep" and then doesn't actually deliver it until the next day, or they just deliver it to one of my neighbors instead. I was really worried, but in reality it was on a truck from AZ to OR and it likely took a while to be unpacked due to delays at the receiving facility. But jumping out conclusions seems to be par for the course. So I asked the vendor what to do and they said to file a lost/stolen claim with the shipping company. It sucks because the recipient gets screwed, FedEx gets screwed, and the shipper gets screwed while the criminal gets away with stealing. You go to the depot, they scan the slip and give you your package. Porch lock boxes that delivery drivers can access will protect packages but can be expensive, difficult to install and take up valuable porch space. I tend to just attribute it to human error than just human crime rings a lot of folks get paid very well with these companies and every lost package FedEx loses money so I would expect they have a hammer down on things like this and it’s just unfortunate issues. Walmart will probably do the same thing. The PS5 Subreddit also has a lot of folks saying the same thing. Woman caught following FedEx truck, stealing packages in Cypress, Precinct 4 says Michelle Homer, Matt Dougherty 12/15/2020. Next day fedex shows up to my house with previously "delivered" package as well as replacement. 3 comments . I've had - in the past three months - several packages get marked as delivered by FedEx only to not actually be at my house. There seems to be a large amount of Target packages missing, and buyers claim that Target put the packaging slip on the outside of the box, making it easier to be stolen. To keep up with the booming e-commerce and rising reports of package theft, major shipping services — FedEx, UPS, and the USPS — have built self … My target box had nothing to indicate what was inside said box. united states postal service stole my blue Xbox series controller. It appears you forgot to include your location in the title or body of your post. When a customer doesn't get one of our shipments (we use UPS, not FedEx, but the process is the same), we advise them to contact us, and we contact UPS. My PS5 from walmart was shipped from FedEx inside a brown box that for some dumbass reason still said PS5/controller on it. FedEx is claiming that I accepted and signed for a package. For what it's worth - I live in Wisconsin - Rural Racine County. Don't even get me started on DHL... As a Brazilian, as I can say is: first time? The majority of the people in there were young dudes who looked like they didn't give two shits. You call Walmart and tell them the package says its delivered and it is not. I’m making upwards around 70k a year doing this, and to risk it for a $500 game console....absolutely asinine. it then stopped tracking in Ohio for like a week and then yesterday i got an update it would arrive that night, and yep finally got it. If the package was indeed stolen, do I call police? Member. I'm a FedEx ground driver and if a package is scanned on my truck and then goes missing I might as well not show up to work anymore, I automatically have a red flag. Call Walmart and FedEx. Man uses Facebook to find FedEx package allegedly stolen from doorstep. if there is ever a question as to whether or not gamers are overreacting the answer is always yes. There are also reports that FedEx simply cannot handle the high amount of packages, and that they've been rerouted to other warehouses to wait.